Today you have the opportunity to learn everything about our mainsponsor and mother-organisation Ingame.

Created over 15 years ago, this organisation from Hamburg has a long history when it comes to games. They are part of the Inwave Media GmbH and one of the biggest and influential game-networks in the german-speaking scene, offering pre- and reviews, hard- and software tests, videos and all the news and updates that are coming exclusive from the conventions and fairs all over the world.
Ingame operates several homepages including the most famous games for example Counterstrike, Overwatch, Hearthstone, DOTA2, World of Warcraft or League of Legends. On all of them you find detailed information about the games, boards to discuss with other players, tipps and tricks and guides to enjoy your favorite game as much as possible.
While there are many employees at Ingame, playing games themselfs in their spare time the idea was born, to create a platform where professional players can represent the company.
So after a long period of time, not acting and performing in the eSport-scene, Ingame made a step forward into a market, which experienced a big boost and growth over the last couple of years, by creating an own team.
Named as team-ingame the eSport-sector already acquired a management and gathered teams in Counterstrike and Rocket League with the goal, to reach reasonable results in national and international tournaments and leagues and to implement the brand “Ingame” in the scene.

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