We are very proud to give you a closer look to our first Sponsor Nitrado today.

Since 15 years Nitrado supports the best teams of the world with their leading gaming services. They were able to create a brand for Gameserver-Hosting, Server-Hosting and Internet-Services, that stands for highest performance and professionality. ESL-certified Gameserver, Webspace, Domains and fresh out of the box – Cloudserver as an allroundproduct, where you are able to install or de-install all the services that matter for you and your special needs of hardware.

There are way more products that you are able to obtain from Nitrado, that come up with a very high reliability, very much equipment and performance already in the basic version, because customer satisfaction is one of the main goals. The server are mainly located in the high-performance server center Frankfurt am Main and guarantee lowest pings and best requirements for you and your team.
If there should be an unexpected problem, there are fast and uncomplicated possibilities to reach the technical support. Also Nitrado offers all the common payment options with easy access and a short cancellation period.

We are very happy to welcome Nitrado, the leading brand in the server business as Sponsor for our organisation. We hope this will be a long lasting, sucessful and amicable cooperation!

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